Cups, tablespoons and teaspoons are the measurement units used in the U.S Customary System of measurement for liquid volume. But how to convert cups to grams in recipes?

If you’ve ever tried to cook from an American recipe book, you’ll have of course asked yourselves: how many grams in a cup? Or whether a teaspoon converts to grams?

To help you easily and faithfully convert your favourite baking ingredients you need to understand the American conversion system and to do that here comes a handy conversion table for the most used baking units and ingredients.

Baking Conversion Table

How to convert cups to grams

TBSP = Tablespoon
TSP = Teaspoon
Farina 00 | Cake Flour1 Cup100 g
Farina 0 | All Purpose1 Cup120 g
Farina 1 | High Gluten1 Cup140 g
Integrale | Whole Wheat1 Cup120 g
Manitoba | Bread Flour1 Cup110 g
Farina di mandorle | Almond Flour1 Cup100 g
Farina di amaranto | Amaranth Flour1 Cup105 g
Farina di ceci | Chickpea Flour1 Cup85 g
Farina di cocco | Coconut Flour1 Cup125 g
Farina di avena | Oat Flour1 Cup90 g
Farina di mais | Cornmeal Flour1 Cup165 g
Farina di riso | Rice Flour1 Cup125 g
Fecola | Potato Starch1 Cup150 g
Amido di mais | Corn Starch1 Cup130 g
Lievito | Baking Powder1 Tbsp15 g
Bicarbonato | Baking Soda1 Tbsp15 g
Lievito di birra secco | Dry Yeast1 Tbsp10 g
Lievito di birra fresco | Fresh Yeast1 Tbsp10 g
Riso | Rice1 Cup180 g
Quinoa | Quinoa1 Cup190 g
Bulgur | Bulgur1 Cup190 g
Olio | Oil1 Cup200 g
Burro | Butter1 Cup230 g
Burro | Butter1 Stick115 g
Burro d’arachidi | Peanut Butter1 Cup270 g
Acqua | Water1 Cup225 g
Latte | Milk1 Cup235 g
Latte condensato| Condensed Milk1 Can300 g
Panna | Heavy Cream1 Cup235 g
Yogurt | Yogurt1 Cup225 g
Latticello | Buttermilk1 Cup245 g
Gelato | Ice Cream1 Cup215 g
Formaggio spalmabile | Cream Cheese1 Cup225 g
Sale | Salt1 Tbsp17 g
Zucchero bianco | White Sugar1 Cup200 g
Zucchero di canna | Brown Sugar1 Cup210 g
Zucchero a velo | Icing Sugar1 Cup115 g
Miele | Honey1 Cup340 g
Sciroppo d’acero | Maple Syrup1 Cup340 g
Cacao | Cocoa Powder1 Cup100 g
Cioccolato (pezzetti) | Chocolate (chopped)1 Cup170 g
Nocciole | Nuts1 Cup100 g
Mandorle | Almond1 Cup100 g
Arachidi | Peanuts1 Cup100 g